Founded in 2007, Baozun Inc. is the leader and a pioneer in the brand e-commerce service industry and a digital commerce enabler in China. With over 8,000 employees, it serves more than 450 brands from various industries and sectors around the world, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

Baozun Inc owns three major business lines, which includes BAOZUN E-COMMERCE (BEC), BAOZUN BRAND MANAGEMENT (BBM) and BAOZUN INTERNATIONAL (BZI). With the commitment to accelerate its high-quality and sustainable growth, three business lines are devoted to empowering its clients’ business and navigating the new phase of development driven by the aspiration of “Technology Empowers the Future Success”.

With future-facing products and services for its clients, Baozun steps up its innovation efforts to move up along global supply chains. While celebrating its 15th anniversary, Baozun has launched a corporate video featuring its international brand image and strategy. The video demonstrates Baozun’s endeavors in offering its clients abundant services and high added value technological solutions across the entire digital commerce lifecycle, setting industry wide best practice for high-quality and sustainable growth. It also addresses Baozun’s intensive attempts to increase its presence across various areas along the supply chains and its business model deep rooted in the evolving digital age, which enables creating customized solutions for brands around the world and unparalleled experience for consumers, and a bridge of value between brands and customers. For a future of shared success, Baozun will work with more brand partners and shareholders across markets to build a new vision of digital commerce.