Baozun Total Order Value More than Doubled to RMB 2.5 Billion during 2016 Singles Day

SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baozun Inc. (Nasdaq:BZUN) ("Baozun" or the "Company"), the leading brand e-commerce service partner that helps brands execute their e-commerce strategies in China, today announced that total order value settled through payment gateways on all of its e-commerce channels more than doubled from 2015 to over RMB2.5 billion during Singles Day 2016.

Leveraging its sophisticated IT infrastructure, big data analysis capabilities and years of experience, Baozun enhanced its operational efficiency to ensure it was adequately prepared to meet the enormous surge in orders. Baozun’s IT team began preparing for Singles Day in May 2016 by upgrading the Company’s integrated IT system infrastructure and operational processes to ensure that it would be capable of processing the significantly larger amount of orders this year. With its big data analysis capabilities and strategic foresight, Baozun was able to predict quantity of orders, traffic patterns and conversion rates throughout the day. Similar to previous years, Baozun hired an additional 1,500 temporary customer service staff who completed an intensive training course to enhance the user experience and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

To meet the enormous surge in orders expected during Singles Day, Baozun began drafting sales plans, stocking inventory and optimizing shipment and distribution plans in close cooperation with its brand partners in the months leading up to Singles Day. Opened in September 2016, Baotong Cube, the Company’s first premium warehouse, participated in its first Singles Day where the Company’s self-developed highly automated infrastructure enabled it to pre-sort orders for delivery to over 100 cities in China. This saved precious time and reduced the costs of transferring parcels to logistic partners’ distribution centers.

Mr. Vincent Qiu, Chief Executive Officer of Baozun, commented, “Total order value more than doubled from last year’s Singles Day, which I believe not only demonstrates our strategic foresight and management’s capabilities to adequately plan with our brand partners for a massive surge in orders, but also exhibits the strengthened and expanded scale of our logistical capabilities. I believe Baotong’s strategic alliance with our logistic partners greatly improved operational efficiency and enhanced the consumer experience. This is a proof of concept for a new supply chain model we are developing, which will demonstrate to brand partners the value we can provide with our full range of e-commerce solutions. Leveraging these resources, we were able to ship over 1,000,000 orders on Singles Day, an increase of 130% compared with last year. We are committed to investing and further innovating our IT, warehousing and fulfillment infrastructure as well as increasing operational efficiency throughout our entire business. We will continue to partner with international leading brands that benefit from great consumer recognition and demand for high quality authentic products. I am confident in our ability to continue offering more customizable solutions that will support both our long-term growth and strengthen our market leading position.”

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Baozun is the leading brand e-commerce service partner in China that helps brands execute their e-commerce strategies in China by selling their goods directly to consumers online or by providing services to assist with their e-commerce operations. The Company's integrated capabilities encompass all aspects of the e-commerce value chain, covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment.

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