Baozun Records Total Order Value of RMB6.55 Billion on 2018 Singles Day

SHANGHAI, China, Nov. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Baozun Inc. (Nasdaq: BZUN) ("Baozun" or the "Company"), the leading brand e-commerce service partner that helps brands execute their e-commerce strategies in China, today announced that total order value settled through payment gateways on all of its e-commerce channels reached RMB6.55 billion on Singles Day 2018, a new record high from RMB4.99 billion in 2017.

Baozun leveraged its cutting-edge IT infrastructure, extensive analysis of local market data, and deep insight into consumers to optimize its brand partner’s operations and personalize the customer experience. This ensured that the products offered at each store would be marketed appropriately and appealing to local customers. To further improve efficiency, the Company launched more than 200 operational tool enhancements, including ones that automatically collect and analyze information, perform maintenance, manage promotional campaigns, push notifications, and process logistics information. These operational tools automate much of the repetitive work store operators had traditionally done.

Baozun also launched a product information management system that significantly decreases the time needed to bring a product to market on Tmall by quickly generating product details and automatically processing pictures.

The Company began using customized picking robots in some of its warehouses to improve efficiency and increase the speed at which orders can be fulfilled. Instead of employees moving around the warehouse, the picking robots automatically move the entire shelf to the employees allowing them to quickly grab the desired products. The Company’s warehouse network now strategically spans 7 cities across China, occupies more than 400,000 square meters in space.

Mr. Vincent Qiu, Chief Executive Officer of Baozun, commented, “This is the tenth year we participated in the Singles Day shopping festival and I am pleased to see that our strategy to prepare for the massive surge in orders continues to generate strong results. We surpassed Singles Day 2017’s total order value in less than 12 hours this year. Our sophisticated IT infrastructure, improved operational efficiency, and data analysis capabilities allowed us to settle over 18 million orders, an increase of 49% compared to last year. We continue to develop new and innovative solutions to help our brand partners offer their customers a better shopping experience on Singles Day. I am confident that our investments in technology will continue to bear more fruit as we solidify our position as a market leader.”

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Baozun is the leading brand e-commerce service partner that helps brands execute their e-commerce strategies in China by selling their goods directly to customers online or by providing services to assist with their e-commerce operations. The Company's integrated end-to-end brand e-commerce capabilities encompass all aspects of the e-commerce value chain, covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfillment.

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